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NESAR gets FAA special approval for night SAR missions under 300 ft 

333, Part 107 and Part 65 pilots wanted to volunteer and train for SAR missions

AIRSAR 1 Quad Copter (Aerial Integrated Response to SAR) is the latest addition to our aviation unit supplementing our current operational Aerostat blimp that provides a 200 foot heavy lift RF relay and stabilized video platform. Our older now decommisiond quad chopper has been replaced with a DJI Phantom 3, that brings life back to the unit with new capabilities.  NESAR chapter is an authorized flight operation under Rescue International's FAA 333 exception and 107 Rules for Public Safety missions.

AIRSAR 1 provides NESAR the ability to launch it's own aerial video search asset for missing persons, disaster, special event and water rescue search operations.

These small but very Hi Tec search tools allows us to cover specific high probability areas that in the past required use of very expensive public safety helicopters.   We can deploy AIRSTAR 1 on site in 10 Min during daytime pending FAA and ATC clearances and some night time operations in the future with special FAA approval.  We hope to raise $12,000 to purchase AIRSAR 2 a larger more advanced aircraft with interchangeable daylight and thermal cameras in the future.

Our newest UAS allows for pre-programmed line of site GPS based search pattern flights over areas hard to reach by foot and it uses a newer HD camera with gimbal and gyro stabilized mount, that allows the pilot to see a live view of the area in front and below,  speeding the location of subjects in the area and recording HD video for later big screen review if needed.

It has a GPS based flight system and is a dramatic leap forward in SAR DRONE technologies.  Agencies please call with questions or to request a demo.

If you wish to support our over all effort or the purchase of AIRSAR 1 or 2 please make a donation to our UAS Unit on the PayPal link below or mail a donation to the address on the donation page.  Your donations let us save lives and bring the lost back home again.

YOUTUBE VIDEO  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1vaeKeBIrI From another team on possible SAR use


Search training shot of missing child at stable