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, K9 Bailey

Certified K9 Teams

 For Wilderness, Cadaver, Water Search and Disaster Responses

NESAR offers air-scenting and man-tracking K-9 Teams for wilderness, disaster, water and cadaver search missions. Our K-9 Teams are certified to meet or exceed guidelines set forth by the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) and the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council (PSARC), Rescue International.  SAR K-9 Teams are capable of covering large areas in a fraction of the time required by groups of grid searchers, with a high probability of detection (POD). This is especially valuable during "high priority" searches; when the search subject is evasive or unresponsive; or when field grid searchers are not available in large numbers. Our K-9 Teams are capable of working during both day and night missions, in most types of weather and terrain, and can be deployed within minutes of an agency's request.  


"This page is dedicated to the memory of our "Fallen K-9 Teammates"
Bruce Barton's "Dallas" "Falco" and "Ebby"; Kay Bellesfield's "Chaucer"; Mitzi Kaiura's "Caleb"; Kathy Schramer's "Maggie" and "Kipper", Bob Lemoi's "Max"   Michele Verrall's "Louie" Lorries K9 Clair, Bruce Barton's "Ebby",