Special Emergencies Response Teams

A response network of specialized Search and Rescue, Technical Rescue, Water Rescue, Emergency Communications and Disaster Response Resources in the State of PA.

PA-SERT member teams provide specific technical and specialized rescue and recovery resources to State and local agencies at no charge that meet and exceed the Federal NIMS and national recognized response standards in their fields, under a unified Strike Team or Task Force .concept anywhere in the state of PA and out of the state under certain direct agency or EMAC requests for a specialized resource, disaster or major incident events.

All PA SERT teams operate under the PA STATE SERT organization and standards under a unified team command approach.  The PA SERT is a new program and many tings are still being worked out but, applications or invitations to talk with units of regional groups are welcome. 

Northeast Rescue Strike Team is the first of many statewide PA-SERT units to come together into a regional Strike Team to provide technical SAR resources for wilderness are search, urban search, light collapse and water SAR and recovery missions, K9 resources for missing and lost subjects, cadaver and recovery dog teams for SAR and disaster operation.  Emergency Communication and High Tech SAR resources.

 For more information email bbarton(at)    

Note: PA SERT is not affiliated with any police SERT operations but is always available to support any of the states law enforcement agencies.