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Search Management and Overhead Staff

NESAR offers experienced Search Management and Overhead Staff meeting NIMS and other national training standards, fully trained in Managing Search Operations and  capable of handling the demanding responsibilities of a search manager.  NESAR's IC personnel can work alone or in conjunction with the Search Managers of other agencies in order to bring a search emergency to a swift and successful conclusion.

NESAR also offers communications personnel and equipment for search and/or disaster emergencies, including portable VHF and UHF radios, and portable VHF and  UHF repeaters and tower trailer.  The Team's "Quick Response Trailer (QRT-1)" and  Mobile Command Post truck are equipped with a communications including UHF.VHF, Satellite phone and PEMA 800 Opensky radios, computer search management and mapping software, color printer/copier/fax machine and a variety of topographical maps.

Rescue 2 and Rescue 1