Above: Northeast Rescue Disaster Team at PEMA PA TF 2 Training exercise assisting PA USAR TF 2 Members

NESAR is a Technical Rescue Element of PEMA's PA-TF2 under state Search and Rescue Response System

Providing Wilderness, Water and light collapse structure trained resources, CERT Advanced level, and includes specially trained canines for wilderness and wide area urban search, cadaver and water recovery.

Rescue one carries search equipment, basic water rescue and canines to searches.  Rescue 2 (white) was sold due to lack of funds to support it's operation.  It was replaced by our DART Trailer and is our technical rescue unit with water rescue, Medical/AED, Technical rope, light collapse rescue and wilderness Evac equipment  our DARTeam (Disaster Assistance Response Team) is available nationally in cooperation with Rescue International and is requested thru RI or PA State EOC via an EMAC request for a range of multiple NIMS packages.


Northeast Rescue's TSAR Team meets various NIMS typing for Wilderness SAR, Water Rescue, Light Collapse, K9 Search and Recovery and Aircraft ELT location and can support the states USAR TF 2, as a force multiplier during major responses providing extra trained and properly equipped manpower.  See the bellow pictures of the Vigilant Guard exercise in Harrisburg